Mission & Vision


Canadian Youth and Education Foundations commitment is to raise respectful youth to its national and spiritual values. In line with this principle CAYEF, aims to gather young people living in Canada under the same roof, furthermore provide volunteering services for all members of society and bring civil awareness to them. In this manner CAYEF determines, full confidence, voice in national and international communities, embracing national and spiritual values, researching, learning, questioning and opening a way for young productive entrepreneurs and support them in spiritual sense and financially is one of CAYEF’S main objectives. CAYEF is also implementing youth to have good relations in the Turkish society and support the Turkish projects.



CAYEF aims to explain the diversity of the Canadian society in the best way as possible to individuals. Therefore it wants the young people to adopt its national and spiritual values and ensure their values. Serving to the society is the mission therefore CAYEF academically and socially wants youth to show themselves in programs and projects. These projects will be from their perspective for their future and society.